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Ok who likes win - win situations? Then do we have a deal for you. First, here are a few questions: Do you remember the car parked in your yard or garage? Are you still stumped on what to do with it? What if we offered to pay you top dollar for it, in cash? Oh and then once we pay you for it, no matter the condition, we will tow the car away for free. We know this seems too good to be true, but it is and we want your junk car! So what do you have to do? Just give us a call and get your FREE quote today. Wait did we say free again? Remember, this is a win - win situation.

Now we know your probably wondering if your car is either in too bad of shape or it's not in bad enough shape but has some really expensive repairs needing to be made. Skip those repairs and allow us to buy the car from you in cash! We take totaled cars, old rusted cars, water damaged cars, and cars with some mechanical issues. You have too much going on in your life to worry about a car too. Give us a call today, recieve your FREE quote and consider what we have to offer. We will pay you top dollar and in cash for your car, and then we will come tow it away for FREE! What do you have to lose, aside from a beat up mess that is costing you money and space?



WE PAy TOP DOLLAR FOR YOUR CAR - No matter the condition

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Selling Latest Model Cars in Best Rates

It is always tragic to hear people damaging and totaling new cars in accidents, and as a result, drastically reduce their resale value. Common incidents include flood damages, totaling accidents like falling trees, blown engines and transmissions, missing titles, and more. The story at the end of the day is that when you go to sell even these latest model cars, you receive low valuation assessments and hence disappointing low-ball offers from the buyers.
That’s where our expertise comes in. Read More

Cars with Minor Accidents

Have you ever experienced a car accident? If you have been driving around for a while, you must have smashed your bumper in the car ahead at least once! If not, has it ever happened that you parked your car outside a nice café and you comfortably sip coffee, when you are about to leave, you find out someone smashed in your car and left your fenders hanging?

Car owners have to face a number of inevitable car hassles, either with the engine or with the body and sometimes they can be too overwhelming to take care of! Physical damage to your car, truck, SUV or van doesn’t mean you need to give up on it or go into a deep mode of stress, there are ways you can ensure that the broken car doesn’t go hard on your pocket, instead it gives you something back in return.

If you are looking forward to selling your car, and gaining a little extra off it, you can always give us a call. We turn your minor accident car into cash instantly!

It is always a disappointment going down to the scrap yard to find out that what you are getting is much lower than what you expected. Nevertheless, as soon as you explain the condition of your car to us, we give you an instant quote- we aim to take the stress off you, and we have been successful in doing that with a large number of customers who were looking for a solution to handle their broken cars.

The best part about our service is that we buy vehicles, no matter what their condition is. Whether it is a broken windshield or a damaged engine, or your car is scratched all around, once you call us, we tow your car down at our facility, and you don’t have to worry about the tow charges, we have them covered!

Even minor accidents might come as disappointments to people who love their cars and we know how expensive repairs can get! Our vehicle valuation specialists are qualified and upon inspection, they quote you the best price you can get for your car- guaranteed!

The most disturbing accidents are those that end up paralyzing your car and making it just a showpiece in the garage. They take up loads of space and apart from that, storing them for long might even cause them to rust and start breaking apart. Once you decide that it is better to go for a new car and sell off the damaged car, give us a call. After we put the promised payment in your hand, we take your car away, simple as that- while you go and make the down payment for the new vehicle you always had your eyes on!

Over the years, we have gained exceptional experience in dealing with cars and we would like to ensure you that when you deal with us, you get the best rates in the industry!

Cars with Old and Rusty Bodies

Do you have a rusted old car that you would rather drive only during the night out of prying eyes? You do not have to torment yourself like this, as you deserve a much better car.

Repairing a car that is damaged with rust can entail anywhere in the range of $500 to $1,000. You can use this amount in making payments for a new or used car in perfect condition. The good news for you is that we buy rusted old cars and offer the best rates for them. You can get on spot cash for your old vehicle, which you can use as a down payment to buy a new or used car in better condition.

Causes of Automotive Rusts

We all know that water and rain wither away the metallic body of your car. The body of your car rusts with time since iron corrodes in presence of water and air. Unless you are fortunate enough to own top of the line luxury cars with a fiberglass body, your car will eventually rust when it becomes old.

Rain, thunderstorm, hurricanes, and swelling rivers will expedite the process of rusting of the cars. Even minimum amount of contact with fog or dew in the atmosphere will corrode the metallic frame of your car. It can even wreak havoc with critical electrical and mechanical parts of the car.

Driving a rusted old car especially on the highways is extremely dangerous. You not only put your own life at risk but also those of others. That is the reason that most insurance companies will not insure your rusted old car. Even if they do insure your car, they would charge hefty premiums to insure the car. Moreover, most individuals and car dealers shy away from buying rusted old cars that have a history of water damage.

Sell You Old Rusted Car to Us

We strive to make the process of getting rid of your old and rusted car as painless and hassle free as possible. You do not have to waste time in bargaining for you old car, as our professionals are expert in valuing the car will provide just the right rate for your car.

The process of selling your old car to us is quite simple and effortless.

1. Fill our online form or call us and inform about the make and year of year car.

2. Our professional experts will evaluate the car and offer the highest possible rate for your rusted car.

3. If you agree to the offered rate, one of our tow drivers will arrive at your specified location and tow away the car for free.

4. The tow driver will also provide on spot cash for your vehicle, and you do not have to come to our place to receive the payment.

Do not waste a second more and contact us to sell your rusted old car. We will not only buy the rusted old car but also pay the most competitive rate for your old car.

Selling Cars with Major Mechanical Faults

Major car mechanical faults include faulty transmissions, seized engines, and overheating problems. Cars with major mechanical faults not only entail thousands of dollars in repairs, the repairs do not guarantee that your car will be roadworthy. The normal process of repairing a faulty car consists of diagnosis of the fault, removing the faulty part and installing a new one.

However, the problem is that there is no guarantee that the diagnosis or repair will be done 100% correctly. If the mechanical faults are not properly diagnosed and repaired, you will be putting your life in danger when you hit the roads.

Not only there is danger attached with repairing major mechanical faults, the cost of repairing them can also amount to thousands. The average repair cost of faulty transmissions ranges from $1,800 - $3,500. Repairing blown up engines also cost around the same range.

You could buy a used car in perfectly good condition at this cost. So, why not sell your car to us?

Get Attractive Rates for Your Old Car

We buy cars with major mechanical faults and provide the best rates that you will not get elsewhere. There is no reason to keep a faulty car with major mechanical problem when you can junk your car in exchange for cash. We buy cars no matter what the make, model, or condition of the car. You will get the best possible rate for your faulty car.

Our selling process is quite simple. We strive to make the selling transaction as painless and hassle free for you. All you have to do is to give us a call and a professional expert will provide an attractive quote for your car.

In case you decide to accept the offer, just inform us about the location of your faulty car and one of our networks of tow drivers will come to your place to tow away the car. You do not have to come to our place to receive the payment, as the tow driver will give you on spot cash for your car.

In addition, you do not need to have the title or registration with you to salvage your car. We accept faulty cars from owners who have somehow misplaced there registration or title of the car.

As long as you can show us your driving license or a copy of your registration, we will purchase your faulty car from you.

You could greatly benefit in buying your car through us. Our services entail:

  • Attractive Rates for Your Car
  • Free Towing and On Spot Cash
  • No Extra or Hidden Fees
  • Fast and Effortless Process
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

You will never regret selling your car to us. You can even use the cash as a down payment for purchasing a perfectly new car for yourself that you deserve!

So, what are you waiting for? Just grab a phone, give us a call, and provide us details about your faulty vehicle.

Water Damaged Cars

Water damage due to flooding, heavy rains, thunderstorms, and hurricanes can seriously depreciate your car’s value — close to a useless junk.

This is because your car and water do not fare well together, and for good reason.

Once inside the car, water seeps into every nook and cranny — the upholstery, the electric wiring, dashboard instruments, mechanical components, the headlights, and more. As a result, your car becomes a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. The electrical components, even after being sun-dried, show signs of damage such as brittleness and as a result start to malfunction. The primary reason is that water corrodes metal, and the biggest threat it poses is to the structural integrity of your car. Water speeds up the process of rusting, and when it mixes with the oils inside the gears and other rotary components inside the car, it significantly reduces the efficiency of other mechanical components inside the car.

And the problems don’t end there. Once your car is water damaged, the scars are not going to leave you anytime soon. The mildew is going to leave a lasting smell, the upholstery will become uncomfortable, the different electrical and electronic components will need to be replaced, while many mechanical components will require repairs. In a phrase, the water damaged car, unless fully repaired, will prove to be a frustrating ride on the road and a smelly recluse in your garage at best.

The best way forwards is to sell the car for a reasonable price and pay the down payments for a new car. But, once you go down to sell the car; you find that you’re unable to get the price you are looking for!

Why is that? Because most people think of a water-damaged car as requiring too much repair to run, offers too few salvageable parts, while others see an opportunity to get a “liability” off your hook.

The prospect of losing a valuable asset at a steal is downright depressing — that’s where we come in! If you have a water damaged car and have been through such incidents, then give us a call.

We think of every car as a redeemable asset, and we offer on-the-spot analysis and market competitive quotes for every car that is brought our way.

With ample experience in purchasing water-damaged cars at competitive market prices, we are just a call away. With just one call, our car specialist will get down to taking notes. Once we have a firm grasp of your car’s condition, we will offer you a market competitive quote for your vehicle.

One nod of affirmation, and we will send someone to tow away your car FOR FREE and pay you right on the spot.

Yes, it’s that simple: Call, Quote, Pay and Tow.

So stop waiting and prepare the down payments for that new car.

Give us a Call, and leave your water-damaged car in the hands of the experts for a great price.

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